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Tori Allen - Once called "the Jessica Simpson of climbing", Tori stormed onto the competition scene, routinely beating seasoned pros twice her age. But will make-up, monkeys, and high fashion help her when she's looking at 3,000 feet of air? "It's not that big!"


Steve Edwards, director, writer, n' stuff - Sure, sittin' around barking orders is easy on the set, but try getting a proper response when the players are half way up a cliff. Known for having suspiciously-unconventional taste in film, punctuated by his neo-noir cult "classic", Icarus Descending, this may prove more frightening than his 170' winger off El Cap.

Scott Cory - An 11-year "old soul", kids don't come much cooler. He sport climbs in order to hone his skills for the big stone, but will dreams be as romantic in the reality of the vertical world? "I think if I do free climb some of it, it'll just be an added bonus for going up The Nose."

Hans Florine - Producer, Leader - It all sounded like just good fun over a bottle of wine. Now his concoction is happening Not many are more comfortable than Hans in the vertical, especially guiding, but could this be the hair-brained scheme of the century? "I think Lynn's (Hill) take is that I'm a little bit nutty."

Beth Rodden - Scott's un-official "big sister," Beth's along for a "fun little adventure". Either that, or a babysitting nightmare of epic proportions. She may end up thinking it was more fun being chased by rebels in Kyrgyzstan. "Don't go dying on me, now!"

Alan Bell, right, editor - "I've always wanted to make a climbing movie," stated the one-time star of the Southern California climbing scene turned feature film editor. His bluff called, he's again united with Steve "you have no business making movies" Edwards.



Steve Schneider, left, chief rigger, scene stealer - After some 80-odd ascents of El Cap, Shipoopi's sure no kid can out kid him. "I think we need a little theme song." Steve, put those fireworks away!

Rob Raker, below, principal photographer. A bump on the head during a skiing accident caused Rob to tailspin into a mid-life crises that had him eschewing a stable career in favor of hanging from mountains and chasing adventure racers, animals, and wars around the globe. 


Tommy Caldwell, above, rigger - One of the world's best all-around climbers, Tommy's always up for something new. So we showed him how to point a camera and sent him along with his wife, Beth. His comment, "this is a completely different wall experience" is one we'll let you decipher.

Lynn Hill, below, climbing icon - If any rock climber were a household word, it would be Lynn. Her free ascent of The Nose is one of the greatest achievements in climbing history, and she was rating one of the top female athletes of all time by Sports Illustrated. "The chances of these kids onsighting the Nose is... zero."



Dan Raziel, above, musician - When you've got kids trying something that's never been done, ya might as well go with music in its own genre. Would you let your kids climb El Cap with these guys?




Editor ALAN E. BELL Director of Photography ROB RAKER Music DAN RAZIEL

Executive Producer HANS FLORINE Writer and Director STEVE EDWARDS

copyright 2006 Yegg Central Productions
Culver City, CA